June 27, 2012

UPWARD @ Fuck Shoes Fest 22/06/12 VIDEOS

Last friday we played in a wood near Trento with other bands. We had fun, the crowd was amazing like every hc show should be! Some guys made videos of the festival. Thanks again to Olly and the other people who worked for that.

this is a short trailer of Fuck Shoes Fest with some shots of Upward, Prune Belly and the other bands



June 10, 2012

"Still Proud" free download on Last.fm

Now you can download our song Still Proud from Walkin' The Line EP on SMF Last.fm page.
It's free, just click on Free MP3 (or HERE) on this page: http://www.last.fm/music/Set+Me+Free/Walkin'+The+Line/Still+Proud

June 8, 2012

Set Me Free interview on xMore Than Inkx

I made this short interview for a really nice website dedicated to straight edge music and attitude. enjoy

MTI: Hello Gianluca, would you like to start by introducing yourself and the band?

June 7, 2012

"Still Proud" @ SGA 26/05/12

another live video of Set Me Free, made by our friend Mante!


one of our new songs from Walkin' The Line.

It was the greatest idea we ever had
An alternative to self destruction and blame
Some fools felt strong and made it a rank
But don't dare to mix me with them
Because I'm still fucking proud to be straight edge

June 6, 2012

Upward and We're Right @ SGA, Arese 05/06/12

thanks to SGA crew for these nice videos!

UPWARD: Intro + Sheets of Time


June 5, 2012