Only One Flag CD (2010)
Youth Crew Records, Vraja Records, Best of Times
300 copies carton sleeve

Only One Flag Cassette (2010)
Learn To Trust Records
20 copies on clear tape, 80 copies on black tapes

Only One Flag Cassette (2011) - Japan Reissue
Akashic Records
47 copies on black tape Schism cover
13 copies on black tape Sportswear ripoff

V/A - Be Yourself Compilation Cassette (2011)
Set Me Free - Still Proud
Crackin Up Tapes
100 copies on clear yellow tape


Promo 2011 CD (2011)
bringingXback Records
20 copies on CD-r football cover
25 copies on vinyl CD-r Wide Awake ripoff

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Promo 2011 Cassette (2012) - US Reissue
Stay Alert Records
25 copies on red tape

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Walkin' The Line CD (2012)
Open Up Records
200 copies in plastic case

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Set Me Free / Motivation split 7" (2012)
"Respect Me First" EP
Honest for Truth Records
100 copies on green vinyl

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V/A - Positive Youth Compilation Vol. 2 (2013)
Set Me Free - Banks Unfair
Positive Youth
Digital Release

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