January 13, 2014

Upward - Warning Signs EP promo

Another promo for the release of Warning Signs EP by Upward

January 2, 2014


Upward is going to release a brand new EP this year, 7 songs recorded and mixed at Cellar Door Station last November that will be out on tape and maybe on vinyl as soon as possible. For the moment enjoy this song called "Dead In The Water", track #3 of the album.

"my lungs are collapsed
you know they always been so
I tried to put my head out of the water
but its difficult to swim in the shit
as it always gonna be
and need to take this very last breath
as air lacks of action
drop into deep brace yourself up to die
ready to fall like its been from the start
drown down this filth this is how I feel
my spine is hold down
by the weight if these times"