December 27, 2013

04/01: Set Me Free + SDE + Sentenza + Eco @ Ponte della Ghisolfa, Milano


(dagli anni 90 hc old school all'italiana)

(giovani promesse spaghetti hc old school)

(veterani della scena old school SXE)

(da saronno non solo amari ma anche hc old school)

circle pit, stage diving, sudore e rabbia post natalizia...

Circolo Anarchico
Ponte Della Ghisolfa Milano
Viale Monza 255
MM1 Precotto

December 12, 2013


Italian youth crew and old school hardcore is still alive. Check this new band from Bologna, with our friend Bolo (Inner Reason, We're Right, Jungle Fever) and other guys from Ban x This and Values Intact.
Raw old school influenced by SSD, DYS, Chorus of Disapproval and Straight Ahead, something we really need in our country!

their first EP Trapped In Chains has been released by Open Up Records from Belgium on tape. Give them a like on facebook and support!

October 16, 2013

26/10: Set Me Free @ CSA Dordoni

Hardcore night il 26 Ottobre al CSA Dordoni (Cremona, Via Mantova 7A - Ex Foro Boario) con:

-Set Me Free (old school hc da Milano)

-Irukandji (post grind da Cremona)

-Infrangibile (ex DBC, aut-core da Piacenza)

-The Change (melodic hc da Lodi)

Free entry, inizio ore 21

evento su facebook

September 19, 2013

Set Me Free in France (part 2) photos

Just found a bunch of photos made by our guitarrist Gabri from our show in Toulouse (FRA) with Negative Approach. Click here to see Set Me Free in France PART 1

Gabri, Paco and Negative Approach

Gabri and NA bass player

Gian and Paco


Paco writing the line up

Le Saint Des Seins

Next Shows: Set Me Free @ Rock N Roll, MILANO

JustAlive presenta:

Set Me Free

Sabato 05.10.13 | Rock 'n Roll, Milano

via Bruschetti 11, Milano

September 5, 2013

Set Me Free live videos @ Le Saint des Seins, France

Our friend Loren from the Toulouse Hardcore crew sent us a couple of nice videos during our performance at the show with Negative Approach.



July 2, 2013

Set Me Free in France

Last week we played at Le Saint Des Seins in Toulouse, France. We had really great time and we found a lot of kind people. The venue and the city were amazing, and of course Negative Approach and South Impact kicked some ass. Many thanks again to Loren for invinting us, Wilo for having us in his home, and to the whole Toulouse Hardcore Shows crew. Finally thanks again to Paco from A Theory of Justice for playing drums with us during this gig.
Here are some photos:
Paco ATOJ aka coma-man



June 17, 2013

Upward - Demo 2013

Last week Upward recorded a couple of new songs in rehearsal room. Even if the quality is poor, we decided to let people know we're writing some new stuff for our next album, so I published on bandcamp this short demo. The official recordings are planned for this autumn, for the moment enjoy a preview of Get a Clue! and Dodgy, that will be part of the new release with about other 4/5 songs.

Settimana scorsa con gli Upward abbiamo registrato un paio di nuove canzoni in sala prove. Anche se la qualità è abbastanza bassa, abbiamo comunque deciso di far sapere che stiamo preparando qualcosa di nuovo per il nostro prossimo album, così ho pubblicato su bandcamp questo brevissimo demo. Le registrazioni vere e proprie saranno in autunno, nel frattempo ascoltatevi un'anteprima di Get a Clue! e Dodgy, che saranno parte della nuova uscita insieme ad altre 4/5 canzoni.

June 16, 2013

Negative Approach + SMF on June 25th

In about 10 days Set Me Free will be in Toulouse (France) to open the show for Negative Approach! For this gig our drummer will be Paco from A Theory of Justice.
So if you live in France and want to have some fun, don't miss NA on June 25th at Le Saint De Seins, Tolouse.

May 4, 2013

Back Again, Bolzano old school Hardcore

People, there's a new Italian band around you should listen to: BACK AGAIN from Bolzano. They play a rough and fast old school Hardcore influenced by Bold, Wide Awake and No For An Answer.
Their first 7" Street Justice is available on bandcamp.
Give 'em a like also on facebook!

May 2, 2013

11 MAGGIO: Upward w/ TEOSTY + ATOJ + The Seeker + Eat Me Fresh

|| SABATO 11 maggio || h 21.30 || TORNA L'HC in AREA ||






Circolo Culturale Arci Area
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 26
Carugate (MI)

March 1, 2013

Positive Youth Compilation vol 2

We’re really proud to take part in this great compilation by Positive Youth with lot of hardcore and punk bands from US and other countries. Take a listen and download it! All the proceeds will go to the fundraising for a new venue in Binghamton, Ny. Support Positive Youth, support Hardcore!

February 27, 2013

Upward on Punk4Free

Nuova recensione di Pushed Aside EP (praticamente un'anno dopo la sua uscita) su punk4free, dove potete anche scaricarlo, dato che ormai le cassette le abbiamo finite.

Dopo mesi e mesi di assenza da punk4free, rieccomi a recensire gli Upward, una band youth crew lombarda composta da Matteo (voce), Simone (chitarra), Davide (batteria) e Gianluca (basso).

January 30, 2013

First Upward live of 2013

Il 15 Febbraio gli Upward suoneranno con due nuove band, The Seeker e La Crepa, a Calco in provincia di Lecco. Sarà il nostro primo concerto del 2013, il primo di tanti speriamo. L'ingresso è gratuito, non mancate!

prossime date in programma: 16/03 Upward @ Arci Area (Carugate)