April 17, 2016

STILL POUNDING IN Compilation, with some friends and the best italian bands around

Our guys of Assurd Records put a lot of effort in this upcoming release: STILL POUNDING IN is a compilation with a lot of italian bands, most of them are well know friends. All the songs are exclusive for this release, 8 tracks for a 12" vinyl that will be out in June.
At the moment you can listen to it on bandcamp. Here's the tracklist:

1. Rage Cage - Choke On Your Fame 01:32
2. Definite - Unchangeable 01:01
3. Knightzz - Fortress 01:28
4. Angler - Idiocracy 02:08
5. Chains - (not available yet)
6. Hittin' Random - Hidden By Lies 01:30
7. Siege Stompers - Blank Eyes 01:21
8. Misery For A Living - Less Broken Teeth, More Knives Out 01:23


I ragazzi di Assurd Records hanno dedicato un sacco di energie per questa loro prossima uscita, una compilation chiamata STILL POUNDING IN, in cui parteciperanno un bel po' di band nuove italiane tra cui molto nostri amici. Tutti i pezzi sono esclusivi, 8 tracce che usciranno su 12" a giugno.
Per il momento รจ possibile ascoltare tutto su bandcamp.