May 15, 2011

Youth Crew Records

Youth Crew Records! L'etichetta sotto cui è uscito il nostro primo EP Only One Flag. Attiva dal 1998 ha contribuito a tenere viva la scena youth crew e old school in Italia producendo un sacco di band che meritano davvero.
Ecco la presentazione ufficiale scritta da Dario FIL/YCR:

The reason we got together was because we were at a show with all these metal bands called "new school", a whole bunch of bands you really wouldn't want to see, we don't even know why we were there... It was 1996. We said that hardcore sucks now! After two years (July '98) we decided to start a record label and have fun.
"Youth Crew" Records it's really positive. We saw that a lot of kids in the scene liked what we were doing and a lot of kids were into the same type of music we are into, which is the late 80's hardcore style. A lot of kids who got into hardcore in the late '90's, they got into hearing metal. They never even sampled hardcore.
We just try to produce the style of hardcore that young kids weren't hearing anymore. We're glad that kids are getting into it. It's not only "old school", it's just the hardcore we enjoy to produce.

YCR 001 - Half My Time - "No More Lies" 7"
YCR 002 - We'll Face - "What Can I Gain?" MCD
YCR 003 - Youth Crew - The Magazine
YCR 004 - Thoughts to Share - "Through The Yesterdays" CD
YCR 005 - Half My Time - "On Reflection" CD
YCR 006 - No More Fear - "Walkin On" CD
YCR 007 - Steam - "70 Times" 7"
YCR 008 - Fumbles In Life - "The Gift of Forever" MCD
YCR 009 - Fumbles In Life - "Communication Wins" CD
YCR 010 - Fumbles In Life - "A New Way To Play" CD
YCR 011 - Safe - "Not Alone" CD
YCR 012 - V/A "Our Roots Our Pride" (Growing Concern, Think Twice, Open Season, Maze, Creepshow, Reality) CD
YCR 013 - Fumbles In Life - "Everyday You Can Improve" MCD
YCR 014 - The Snowfall - "Weight Less" CD
YCR 015 - Maze - "Maze" CD
YCR 016 - V/A "Youth Crew 2010" (Alert, Pressure, Fumbles In Life, State Of Affairs, Forever Young, Reveal The Truth, Half The Battle, Rearranged, Staid, Outlast) 7"
YCR 017 - Inner X Reason - "Something To Prove" CD
YCR 018 - Set Me Free - "Only One Flag" CD
YCR 019 - V/A "Knowledge of The Self - Tribute To Shelter" CD