January 18, 2012

"Motivation" by Upward now online

Abbiamo deciso di far girare uno dei nuovi pezzi degli Upward appena registrati. Ascoltatevi MOTIVATION che comparirà anche nell'EP in arrivo intitolato Pushed Aside.
Presto ci saranno altre novità!

We decided to share online a new track by Upward titled MOTIVATION. It will be one of the songs of our upcoming EP titled Pushed Aside.
Stay tuned we've other interesting news!


in your thoughts in your mind
go deep down you will find
looking back never said
that I wanted to quit
make your choice don't be scared
there's a reason in ourselves
take your time ALWAYS TIME
to build better than run and hide
take your time

asking questions giving answers
make mistakes pick up the pieces
trying harder get it all back
let this ride going on forever