July 28, 2012

Interview for Got A Nerve

Me and Dan did another interview for Got A Nerve, an Italian webzine/blog always updated with news, reviews and of course also interviews from all over the world.


A jaw with SET ME FREE, a touch of genuine Youth Crew HC from Milan suburbs!
Dedicated to those who state that Italian HC has now come to an end...You probably missed “Walkin’ the line”, the last album by Set me free! This old-school HC Milan-based band was born in 2009 bringing together members of other hardcore bands such as No More Fear, Product, Half My Time, just to name some... ‘cause the list would be longer!!!
Inspired by the pure old school HC spirit of Youth of Today since their beginnings, SMF have recently released this new EP with 6 angry and furious tracks: fast paced, straightforward attitude, living matters, the whole firmly anchored to the best Youth Crew style. We emailed them a bunch of questions to discover something more about their line-up, the new records, gigs...and more! Read on what they told us! [...]